Friday, April 15, 2011

Grammar Lesson - Present Simple Tense

Present Simple Tense

Struktur  :
  • Positif
(I, You, We, They) eat lunch 
(He, She, It) eats lunch
  • Negatif
(I, You, We, They) don't eat lunch
(He, She, It) doesn't eat lunch
  • Pertanyaan
Do (I, You, We, They) work in this town ?
Does (I, You, We, They) work in this town ?

 Keterangan / Ekspresi yang biasa digunakan :
usually, always, often, sometimes, on Saturdays, at weekends (on weekends US English), rarely, on occassion, never, seldom

Digunakan Saat :
Ane sih biasanya lebih enak nyebutnya durasi dari present simple tense itu kaya' gini ilustrasinya :

Joko drives a taxi.

Memang pekerjaan Joko mengendarai Taxi. Dia melakukannya setiap hari. Past, present dan future.

Biasanya digunakan untuk menyatakan :
1. Situasi yang permanen atau berlangsung lama
contoh :
where do you work ?
the store opens at 9 o'clock.
he stays in an apartment.
Joko speaks English very well.

2. Kebiasaan rutin
contoh :
I usually get up at 5 o'clock every morning.
He doesn't often go to the cinema.
I usually take a bath at 6 o'clock.

3. Fakta-fakta umum
contoh :
The Earth revolves around the Sun.
What does 'electric' mean ?
Rain falls from the Sky.

4. Feelings (Perasaan)
contoh :
I love walking around late at night during the summer.
He hates rain !
What do you like ? I don't want to live in Jakarta.
Nurses work in hospital.

5. Opini dan Pendapat
contoh :
She doesn't agree with you.
I think she is a smart girl.

6. Jadwal
contoh :
The train leaves at 3 p.m.
When do course begin this semester ?
The bus doesn't arrive until 11.30.

7. Perintah / Arahan
contoh :
Pour all ingredients to the bowl !
Walk down the street to the corner and turn right !

I hope this article useful :)

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